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Career Opportunities with the B3H CAAS IV Team

Proudly supporting the world‘s finest Air and Space Force



The B3H CAAS IV team is the gold-standard of DoD service providers; our team has achieved a superb record of providing exceptionally qualified individuals to meet the diverse requirements of challenging programs by offering highly competitive salaries and benefits.

B3H is committed to attracting and retaining the best and most innovative professionals to support CAAS IV customers.  We believe human capital is the single most important factor of delivering successful support to ACC and AFDW.  Our goal is to identify and attract top-tier talent so we continue to exceed our clients‘ expectations.

For current opportunities, please refer to the Job Postings tab at the B3H corporate website, B3H.com.  If you would like additional information or information about forecast opportunities, please contact our Human Resources Director, Glenda Mlady, at (850) 651-3443 or glenda.mlady@b3h.com.