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B3H Team Capabilities

Full Spectrum Support for America’s Air Force



The B3H CAAS IV team represents the gold-standard of DoD service providers; we stand ready to meet all requirements for advisory and assistance services. 

Our team is exceptionally qualified and has broad experience providing responsible, affordable, and low risk solution for A&AS requirements; each team member has a long history of providing superior service to ACC and AFDW customers within cost and schedule constraints. 

In addition, B3H team members presently support customers in 104 countries; our team supports DoD OCONUS requirements in the CENTCOM, SOUTHCOM, PACOM, EUCOM, and AFRICOM areas of responsibility.

The breadth of our team ensures B3H’s ability to respond to any requirement with low-risk and cost-effective solutions.

Our core capabilities include:


Management and Professional Services:

• Risk reduction and management

• Operational concept development

• Advanced concepts and tactics development

• Configuration control and operations and maintenance of fielded demonstrations equipment

• Transition of successful demonstration equipment to mainstream acquisition and information operations


Studies, Analyses and Evaluations: 

• Systems planning, concept exploration

• Requirements analysis

• Alternatives analysis

• Worldwide contingency response support analysis


Engineering and Technical Services: 

• Systems engineering

• Training development

• Planning and instruction

• Software development, verification, validation, and maintenance

• Systems effectiveness engineering and logistics

• Design

• Test and demonstration